Vacation Motivation: Four Design Lessons to Take from Hotel Style

It’s the opening of summer vacation season and many people already have their hotel rooms booked.  While a bad hotel can turn a trip into vacation hell, the best hotel rooms answer your every need and look great while doing so.  Designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, there’s actually a lot that can be learned from hotel room style.  Home of dramatic trends and innovative space hacks, here are some design lessons you can take away from your hotel vacation stay.


Don’t Be Afraid of Color

An all white space will always look clean and crisp, but don’t let a love of neutrals scare you away from welcoming color into your home.  Many hotel rooms embrace rich colors and fill their rooms with exciting color palettes.  Hotel rooms can be a great starting place if you’re looking for color inspirations.  If you don’t believe that small spaces can handle darker hues, hotels rooms are here to change your mind.


Get the Most Out of Your Space

Hotel rooms have to squeeze a lot into their limited floor plan, so if you have a small space of your own to deal with pay attention to how hotel rooms do it.  Room dividers help delineate parts of the room for different purposes while multi-functional furnishings ensure you get the most out of the space you do have.  Study furniture placement in hotel rooms to learn how to get the best flow for your own small space.


Go Grand

Hotel suites have an unquestionable charisma that makes staying in them so enjoyable.  From a romantic color palette to radiant chandeliers hotel suites have a sense of glamour that can make anyone feel like an old Hollywood star.  You don’t have to go all out to capture that feeling in your own decor.  A few pieces of sculptural furniture, some plush fabrics like velvet, and maybe an antique or two can bring that sense of hotel glamour to any space.


Embrace Prints

While they can work in any sized room, geometric prints make the biggest impact in smaller spaces.  Prints can be used to create a focal point in the room or to help accentuate architectural details. When rendered in black and white geometric prints bring a touch effortless chic to the decor.  The high contrast pairing ups the drama without being overwhelming.


While you’re on vacation, make note of what aspects of your hotel room you really enjoy.  While you may not be able to get room service once you’re home there are plenty of style choices you can easily work into your own decor once the vacation is over.  You may even make your space so hotel comfy that you decide to take a staycation instead next year!

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