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Vitamin Sea: Six Tips To Get Beach Ready Summer Decor

We’re a couple of days into May, which means the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day weekend, for those of us in the United States) is mere weeks away.  Soon it will be time to head to the beach to catch some sun, surf, and waves.  The best time to get your interior ready for summer is now, before the really beautiful weather hits and all you want to do is relax in the sand.  So whether decking out your summer beach house or just making your year-round residence more summer-y here are some tips for easy, breezy, beach themed design.


Shabby Minimalism

A classic design element of beach house decor is shabby chic minimalism.  Shabby minimalism perfectly captures the laid back attitude of the beach.  Distressed finishes reflect the sun-faded and sand worn woods naturally found around the shore.  Keeping the decor minimalist will allow the light, airy tranquility of the surroundings to continue inside.  Play with textures to add visual interest without cluttering the space with too many objects.  Some wicker baskets for organization will beautifully contrast to some old vintage bottles or a small collection of sea glass.


Neutrals and Nature

When putting together your beachy interior it makes sense to take your color palette from nature.  Whites and beiges with splashes of turquoise and other shades of blue will capture the relaxing hues of the shore.  Though you don’t want to go overboard, adding some natural accents from the beach itself is always a nice touch as well.  Driftwood, seashells, and coral will all help bring some of the outdoors in; decorate with them in moderation to avoid your home looking like a souvenir stand though.


Don’t Block the View

If you have a great view of the landscape around you, make sure you don’t block it with furniture.  If you want to place furniture by the windows make sure that it has a low profile to minimize sight-line interference.  You could also place a couple of lounge chairs that will swivel on either side of the windows, allowing you to easily admire the view or face into the room to enjoy conversation.  If unneeded for privacy, consider forgoing window treatments.  This will let more light in and ensure that the view remains undisturbed.


Be Ready for Sand

If your house is at the beach, sand is going to end up inside no matter how careful you are.  One way to combat the sand is to place durable rugs in high traffic areas, especially by the doors.  Rugs will help catch the sand brought in by feet and can then be easily shaken out back outside.  Another easy way to catch sand is through slipcovered furnishings.  Slipcovers can be easily removed to shake the sand out or put through the wash if they get too dirty.


Go Bold on the Porch

While you want to bring the colors of the beach inside, consider going for bolder colors outside.  Bold colors will stand out more from the neutrals of the environment and bring a fun, playful mood to the house.  Remember to add some outdoor lighting so the party can keep going even once the sun goes down.


Sparkle and Shine

You can capture the sparkle of sunlight on water inside by adding some shimmer to your interior.  Mirrors will not only catch and reflect the light but if placed correctly they can also reflect the wonderful view, framing it almost like a work of art.  Mosaics and metallic accents will catch the light and add some shimmer and shine as well.


Just writing this post we could feel the sun on our backs and the breeze in our hair.  Hopefully this post has inspired you to add some of the laid back style of the shore to your home decor.  Even if you’re not lucky enough to have your own beach house, you can easily add some of these elements to your decor to capture the spirit of the beach throughout the summer.  See you at the beach!