Wallpaper Party: Genevieve Gorder Teams Up With Tempaper


As one of America’s favorite designers, you probably already recognize Genevieve Gorder.  She got her real start in the design world as one of the original designers on the hit show Trading Spaces and has since then starred in over half a dozen design shows, including being a judge on the HGTV show HGTV Star.  Practically born with an eye for design she’s been helping renovate houses for almost as long as she can remember.  Her family would restore old Victorian houses around Minneapolis and she inherited her design skills from her mom and grandma.  Through her design company Genevieve has helped design lines of all types of home accents like rugs and bedding decor.


Now Genevieve has paired with Tempaper to bring you her own unique wallpaper designs.  Founded by a set of NYC decorators Tempaper is a self-adhesive, removeable wallpaper that is lead, phthalate, and VOC free.  Tempaper’s wallpapers are incredibly easy to put up – all you have to do is measure the area you want to cover, pre-cut your panels (making sure to match the pattern) and then carefully peel and stick.  To remove you simply start at a corner and peel off.  With such a straightforward process you can quickly change out wallpapers as the mood strikes.


With the gorgeous wallpapers Genevieve has designed, the options are endless.  You could go traditional and paper a whole room or just an accent wall.  Getting a little more creative you could look up and use wallpaper on the ceiling.  This bold choice will add a ton of interest to an often overlooked area of the home.  If you fall in love with a Tempaper wallpaper but can’t afford to buy a lot of it, a smaller project idea is to use it as a pop of color on a piece of furniture such as a cabinet or side table, or to line a serving tray.  This is a great way to refresh your space without breaking the bank.  Whatever you decide to use Genevieve’s line of wallpaper for, it’s sure to add a big burst of style to your room, and you definitely won’t be wanting to trade spaces anytime soon.


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