Watch Where You’re Walking: Our Four Favorite Rug Trends of 2017

As flooring options like hardwood remain strong as a favorite and concrete grows in popularity, area rugs are also becoming more and more popular.  Even if you want to let your floor show, there are some areas you want to be softer and warmer, like around living room furniture and around beds.  Area rugs are also one of the best ways to add some color, pattern, and texture to a space.  Like most aspects of interior design rugs have their own trends that vary from year to year.  Since we’re a little over halfway through this year it seems like a good time to take a look at some of our favorite rug trends that have emerged in 2017.


Bold Patterns

While geometric patterns will always be a classic, the trend is now moving more toward natural, organic shapes and lines.  Rugs are beginning to be seen as works of art and watercolor and brushstroke inspired patterns reflect this.  Some rugs are even recreating actual images such as landscapes.  Other rugs are taking a more textual approach and using handwriting as a pattern.  Tribal inspired patterns are also continuing their popularity.  If you’re nervous about overwhelming your decor with a bold patterned rug, look for ones in only two colors or with the pattern rendered in neutrals.



Neutral Tones

Neutral colors and cooler tones are growing in popularity in both wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs.  Grays in particular have been becoming increasingly popular and taking preference over beiges.  Part of the reason for gray’s rise in popularity is that it works so well with the dark hardwood floor trend that is also occurring.   Natural, earthy neutrals work well with the trend of including organic materials in your decor.  Neutral toned rugs allow you to add pops of color in other areas of your decor while still adding texture (and pattern if desired) to the space.



Natural Fibers

Environmentally friendly, sustainable fibers such as wool, sisal, jute, and blends have been growing in popularity as environmental awareness does.  Not only good for the environment, these fibers are also great for indoor air quality, and make an ideal choice for those with allergy or asthma concerns.  Many are chunky or have multi-level looping which adds texture that beautifully contrasts to the smooth finish of hardwood and concrete floors.  Many come in muted, neutral colors, though wool can easily be dyed brighter hues.  Worth remembering when deciding what rug to place where – wool and jute rugs are softer than sisal and seagrass ones.



Vintage Look

The Boho trend has brought with it an upswing in the popularity of vintage, or at least vintage looking, area rugs.  Oriental rugs are enjoying a resurgence of popularity, but while actual vintage Oriental rugs may be too valuable to walk on, a new vintage looking rug can give you the same style with no fear of destroying an antique.  The distressed look adds a ton of vintage or rustic charm while maintaining the quality of a brand new piece.  If you have any real vintage rugs you want to show off consider hanging them like tapestries so they can still be seen but will be safer from dirt and damage.



Even though they’re currently popular, all of the trends on this list have a timeless quality to them that won’t make your space look dated as soon as the trend is over.  As sustainability and environmental consciousness continues to grow we foresee the natural fibers trend only getting stronger as time goes on.  The great part about area rugs is that they’re easy to roll up and switch out if you get tired of that trend or want to try a new one.

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