Weird or Wonderful? Five Unique Home Decor Designs

While the quality of an object can be tough to debate, the aesthetics of the design itself is much more subjective.  Some designs are a bit too ahead of their time and seem weird to a lot of people, while some designs are just weird for the sake of being weird.  But good design balances form, function, and innovation.  In fact, good design should be a bit thought provoking.  Today we’re going to take a look at some designs that perfectly straddle the line between weird and wonderful.


Nakano Twins Cabinets

These cartoon inspired cabinets were designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman.  The flamboyant cabinets were designed to mimic the colorful anime shops of a 1960s shopping center in Japan.  The cabinets get their name from the Nakano Broadway mall in Tokyo which is famous for its many shops that sell anime items, video games, manga, and animation character figurines.  The designer himself describes the cabinets as, “…a pair of furniture units designed to be as full of personality as cartoon characters – voluble, talkative little members of the household that bring as much animation to the spaces they are in as a happy pet, or a boisterous toddler.”  The cabinets are made out of powder-coated steel, sprayed MDF and painted tulipwood and are mounted on casters for easy mobility.


Multi-functional Sofa/Dining Table

Necessity is often the mother of invention.  This unique multi-functional sofa is here to help solve the problem of limited space.  We’re all familiar with sofa beds by now, but a sofa table is much more unique.  Designed by Julia Kononenko this sofa can be easily transformed into a small dining table with six padded stools.  This design seems perfect for people living in studio apartments who need their space and furniture to be as multi-functional as possible.


Canvas Furniture

Furniture you can hang on the wall?  That’s definitely not something you see every day.  Designed by YOY, this trompe l’oeil furniture looks like a painting of a sofa or armchair.  But lean it against the wall and you can actually sit on it!  The canvas shaped chair has a frame made of wood and aluminum and is covered by an elastic fabric printed with the texture of a canvas and a drawing of a chair or sofa.  While it may not be the most comfortable seat in the home, it will definitely amaze guests when you take a seat on the wall.


The Ping Pong Door

Always up for a game of ping pong?  Then this is the door for you.  Ideal for people who want a game room but don’t have the space, this initially ordinary looking door can easily flip down to become a ping pong table.  Designed by Tobias Franzel the door is custom made for your space and comes with field markers and a net.  This could also be a fun addition to offices to give people a small spot to take a break and have some fun during the day.


Play Synthetic Dough

In this case not only is the product itself a little weird, but it can help you create your own unique designs as well.  Designed by Stephen Johnson this synthetic dough, called PLAY, is designed to look like the iconic children’s modelling toy Play-Doh, but is made to function as a strong adhesive.  The substance can be used to bond a range of materials, including wood, glass, marble and metal.  PLAY is designed to be easy to mold, but to also have an “instant grab” once it’s stuck to something.  This means it can be used to build things, repair things, or even just decorate.  Once cured the dough becomes incredibly hard and the objects it’s used on are still sturdy and durable.


These are just some of the unique designs we found in our search.  There are tons of talented designers and artists out there constantly coming up with new ideas and unique products.  Which of these is your favorite?  Would you use any of these in your own home? We’d love to hear what you think.

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