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Welcome to the Jungalow: Four Essentials for Dreamy Modern Bohemian Style

You may have heard the term “Jungalow” being thrown around, and you’ve almost certainly seen Jungalow style making the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest.  But what is it?  Jungalow is the name that designer Justina Blakeney coined to describe her home and also named her design studio and blog.  The term is a portmanteau word of jungle and bungalow and it describes a space that’s cozy and homey like a bungalow but also wild like the jungle.  It combines the sleek lines of modern design with handmade object and lots of plants.  Today we’re going to look at the must-haves if you want to recreate this modern bohemian style yourself.



This bohemian style is not for the timid or unadventurous.  If you want to emulate Justina’s style you have to be willing to embrace color.  Jungalow style has an abundance of color, in bright, saturated hues.  Combine colors to create joyful and vibrant palettes.



Jungalow style also doesn’t shy away from pattern.  More-is-more when it comes to the bohemian attitude, so don’t be afraid to mix patterns and get a pattern-on-pattern look.  Bold tropical prints and Aztec inspired motifs are all common choices.  Most of the patterns are going to enter your space in the form of textiles, which is appropriate since textiles are a big part of boho style as well.  Whether layered on the floors, furniture, or hung from the wall textiles are the perfect way to introduce more pattern.


Global Accents

A key aspect of bohemian style is that it reflects a global, well-traveled aesthetic.  If you have a lot of beloved souvenirs this style is ideal for displaying them.  Don’t hesitate to mix old and new items from all around the world.  If you don’t get to travel as much as you’d like you can still find handmade goods from craftspeople around the globe online.



Plants are definitely a must if you want to put the “jungle” in Jungalow.  Lush greenery will fill your rooms with life.  Plants are the perfect solution for what to do with awkward, unused corners and can help solve a bevy of design problems.  If you need some help deciding what plants are best for your space, check out our houseplant guide here.


Whether you want to go full-on Jungalow or take a slightly less intense approach, modern bohemian is a great way to express your personal style.  It can be easy to go overboard though, so when planning a space decide if you want to have more things in that room, or more pattern, as too much of both can become too busy and overwhelming.  But overall bohemian style is about expressing yourself, so remember to have fun and fill your spaces with joy.

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