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Who You Gonna Call? How to Find the Right Interior Designer

While we’re all for DIY here at France & Son blog, sometimes you just need the help of a professional.  The world of interior design is one of those realms where, if you don’t have any experience with it, you may feel like it’s best to call in a pro.  But putting the fate of your interiors into a stranger’s hands can be a bit daunting. Hiring an interior designer that you don’t click with can cause headache and disappointment, but the right interior designer can make the process go smoothly and (relatively) stress-free.  So today we’ll take a look at what steps to take to ensure that you hire the right interior designer for your job.

Have an Idea of What You Want

Sometimes people turn to an interior designer because they have no idea what style they like and need help visualizing what the space could look like.  Even if you’re not sure what your style is, you should still do some research and save images of rooms you do like. If you can bring a Pinterest board or mood board to designer meetings it will give them much more insight into what you’re looking for than starting with vague ideas you may have.  Having an idea of rooms you like will make it easier to choose a designer and then make the designers job a little easier once you’ve hired them.


Search Reputable Sources

A great resource for finding interior designers is the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Find a Pro page.  Designers listed on that site have to have successfully completed all the necessary education and experience requirements to become a certified interior designer, and will be familiar with building codes and project management.  You can also check sources like Angie’s List and Home Advisor which will have reviews from previous clients. Never be afraid to ask to check a designer’s credentials. If you’re going to be handing someone large sums of money you want to be positive that they’re qualified for the job.

Browse Portfolios

Don’t skip the step of browsing through portfolios.  This is the best way to get a sense of a designer’s aesthetic and how they work with other clients’ aesthetics.  If they’ve created other spaces that you could envision yourself living in, chances are they’ll turn your space into the same.  For those of you that know exactly what style you want your interior, portfolios will let you see if a designer has done any previous spaces in the style and how they handled it.  If you don’t know what you want looking through portfolios can help give you ideas for your own interior.

Meet with Multiple Designers

It’s important to meet with designers in person (or at very least via video chat) to get an idea of their personality and work style.  This is a person that you’ll be working closely with for awhile, and the experience is so much better when everyone gets along. It’s also a good idea to meet up with multiple designers before deciding who to hire.  This will give you a better sense of what’s out there in terms of price ranges, timelines, etc. It also gives you a chance to see multiple people’s vision for your space and determine which you like best.


Have a Budget Set

While you may need to be a little flexible with your budget depending on what all you’re having done, you need to go into meetings with a budget in mind and you need to make sure the designer you want is willing to work within that budget.  Be realistic about your budget and be honest with designers about what your maximum limit is. It’s hard to love something if you feel like you paid too much for it. Having a budget from the start will also help narrow down your choices since you may find some that can’t or aren’t willing to work within your price range.


The decision of who to hire as your interior design may seem stressful, but if you do the proper research and go into the process prepared you’ll wind up with the right person.  No matter what you’ll have to be a little flexible in the process, so decide from the start what are definites that you can’t compromise on (budget, style, time frame of the job, etc.) and be willing to bend a bit on the less important things.  A good designer is willing to work with you and do what they can to ensure a happy customer. And at the end of it all you’ll have a stylish new space that you love!