Year of the Dog: Five Ways to Add Dogs to Your Decor

Today is the Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year) and it’s time to celebrate!  If you want any tips on throwing a Lunar New Year party, make sure to check out our post about it from last year here.  2018 is the Year of the Dog, so what better time to add some doggy decor into your home?  Today we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite dog themed decor options.


For the Walls

Between artwork, clocks, and wallpaper there are many ways to add dogs to the wall.  If you want to personalize things a bit and put your beloved pooch on the wall, make sure to check out the top pet portrait artists.

Bone Appetite Printable Wall Art

Dog Breeds Wall Clock

Black and White Dog Wall Art

Dog Wallpaper


For Snuggle Time

Pillows and throws are always a great way to add a new design element to your decor, and it’s no different for a dog theme.  Now you’ll be able to snuggle up with a pup whether you own one or not.

Dogs with Polka Dot Bow Ties Blanket

Doodle Face Pillow Cover

Floral Dog Throw Pillows

Golden Retriever Burlap Pillow


Supporting Your Green Pets

Houseplants have become incredibly popular, and since they’re living things that require care, they’re kind of like pets that don’t move around (at least not on their own).  With a dog planter you can celebrate mobile and stationary pets alike.

Corgi Planter

Dachshund Dog Planter

Felt Succulent Planter

Vintage Ceramic Dog Planter


Around the House

Okay so technically everything else listed so far is also for around the house, but here are some other dog themed home goods we’re digging.

Dog Tandem Lamp Shade

LaCroix Dog Lamp

Bulldog Coaster Set


Balloon Dog Piggy Bank



While not as inherently functional as some of the other things listed so far, a dog sculpture is still sure to bring a bit of joy to any room.

Aarnio Puppy


Maximus Cast Iron Sculpture

Mortimer the Puppy

Resting Dog Ceramic Figurine


If you don’t want to add some dogs to your decor, you can still celebrate the Year of the Dog.  Considering donating either money or supplies to your local animal shelter.  Your help can make the Year of the Dog better for homeless dogs around the world.

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